Wasel Provides the service of express delivery to your good in the same day or the in the next business day with high quality and reasonable prices that confirm with its speed and safety of delivery. This will be done through our integrated network. Wasel provides a reliable and express delivery service to meet the needs of a wide sector of customers in the market of express delivery.

Wasel manages to meet your request during specific times that suits with your needs and desires, with the possibility of recovering your shipments from your customers and restring it back to you.


Wasel will store your products in a secured and reliable way regardless of their volume, and it will deliver them later to the customers. Moreover, we provide temporary storage service for the customers’ products at our storage locations with the possibility of distributing the same as per your request.


Wasel provides product packaging services in special boxes or and envelops that suit the customers’ products and according the international standards. The services is provided for all kinds of goods and shipments coming with different volumes and sizes.

Payment on Deliver

Wasel provides the express delivery of your products with an easy and reliable method of payment. The value of your products shall be collected on delivery.

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Online Stores

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Why Choose Wasel

The economic benefit

The duality of the low price and the quality and standards assurance is the cornerstone of the equation of success, so Wasel makes sure that we offer you the best prices in order alleviate the burden of shipping and delivery on you.

The best Experience for your customers

Wasel promises you to implement the four pillars of success which are the added value, the positive engagement, solving the problems, and assuring customer satisfaction.

The client is our axis of interest

The essential axis of interest for Wasel is the client and his success which reflects on ours, and we promise you to dedicate all of our work, efforts and staff to provide you the best solutions and services for your growth and success.